What We Do

The Project Edge Group (PEG) brings technology and financing solutions to our international clients that complement or augment their resources and skills, thereby providing significant added value. Rather than incurring costly travel and staff time, we research the available technologies and solutions for you. We meet your unique requirements and specifications...consistent with your schedule and budget.

Based in Silicon Valley, California, PEG offers more than a combined 40 years experience in diverse international finance arrangements to meet our clients' specific requirements. Financing costs are at historic lows. It is time to act.

In addition, PEG can perform full technology and search qualification for you to expedite your schedules and save your valuable staff time and expense.

PEG is your most cost effective partner for implementing, upgrading, consolidating or integrating your current and future needs. Why wait? Technology is the best yet. Our team are proven professionals with outstanding international business skills and cultural knowledge, technology and product management expertise, and our overhead costs are the lowest possible...your cost will never be lower.

Why Choose PEG

We provide the "edge" where requirements meet fulfillment. We are your resources, representing YOU. Why take more time and spend more money? PEG IS READY TO GO TO WORK FOR YOU.

PEG brings the edge to all of your infrastructure needs...transforming your specifications into viable solutions...from needs identification to feasibility, then to project completion and your final approval.

We blend our technology expertise, financing expertise, and project management skills together to optimize customer value...for YOU.